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Design for Film

Though no longer the main focus of Zelah Studio, we still take on Film Architecture work.
We have been lucky over the years to work on productions with some of the world's greatest directors; Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Wes Anderson, J. J. Abrams, Tim Burton, & Christopher Nolan.
Many of these jobs have been big budget Hollywood productions allowing for incredible creative freedom with almost limitless scope.
Our specific skill set is l
arge scale architectural set design, everything from creating historically accurate, decadent interiors to futuristic worlds using state-of-the-art construction & engineering. Many of the films we have worked on have received international design 
awards and nominations, including Oscars & BAFTAs.
In 2012, Zelah Studio was fortunate enough to work in the 
Creative Design Team on the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony with Danny Boyle .

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